Monday, March 2, 2009

Can I bitch?

Okay - I'm going to sound like a horrible person, but I'm a bit pissed about the rudeness of some people. First off, who decides it is a good idea to go visit a newborn baby when they are sick? Yes, I had friends over for brunch today . . . and my friend's husband AND 2 kids were sick. Not the "we just got over a cold" sick, but the full-out dripping green snot and sneezing everywhere kind of sick. Seriously? Did they really need to share their germs with us? After being here 40 minutes, they did offer to leave - as if that would help at that point. Mind you, they have a 2 year old, and about 30 seconds after they got here, she had touched EVERYTHING in the house. I found myself making a mental note of everything she had touched to sanitize later. I felt so rude that I was upset by the germs, but I NEVER would go anywhere like that when I'm sick. Micah is only 3 months old - he really shouldn't be exposed to germs like that! We sprayed everything with Lysol when they left. I really hope Micah & I don't get sick - every time I get sick, I get bronchitis, and the last time Micah got sick, he ended up losing weight, he couldn't eat, and it caused my supply to crash. Ugh!!

While I'm complaining, we recently had family invite themselves to come stay at our house. They managed to show up, disrupt Micah's newly established sleeping schedule, wake us up in the morning, then wake up Micah again during his nap, and while they were at it, they damaged the walls down to our NEWLY REPAINTED basement and they brought fleas with them. Yes, fleas. And yes, I'm sure we did not have fleas before they came. My dog is flea-free, she doesn't really go down to the basement, there are no fleas in our bed or on the sofa or blankets where she sleeps - and there were no fleas in the basement the day before they arrived. I am sure - I was playing with Micah on the couch and on the floor. The day they left, I sat on the couch in the basement and got covered in flea bites. We have since fumigated, but still . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Oh, and in case you are wondering . . . this blog is anonymous for a reason. We do not have any family or friends IRL who read this, so I'm safe :). So, let it rip - I'm awful and rude, right?

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Chele said...

OMG! THEY WERE BOTH RUDE! You don't visit anyone when your still sick or possibly contagious especially when there is a baby in the house!

Yikes on the fleas! I hope they get rid of them soon. We have three dogs and two cats and don't have fleas because they are on flea preventative all year long. Hoping the wall wasn't too badly damaged.