Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Day!

Today was a really great day . . . aside from the fact that Micah woke up at 4:00 am and wanted to nurse. I think he got himself a bit worked up with the swaddle, and I sent DH in to take care of it. Somehow, the visit with DH got Micah riled up instead of soothed, and he ended up very awake and upset. I went in and nursed him, and he fell back asleep until 8:00 am. I got up, fed and dressed Micah, then spent the rest of the morning (until 12:30) doing work (with one more break to nurse Micah at 10:00). I don't think I've mentioned this before, but for the past few Tuesdays, I have been taking Micah over to the library. One of the librarians runs a story and song hour, and we've been having fun singing "Peek-a-Boo" and "The Grand Old Duke of York" and "Bouncing Baby." Since I was caught up doing work and on a conference call, DH decided to take Micah over to the public library around 10:30 so he could still enjoy story hour.

Here was the only "blip" in our day. DH was supposed to come back immediately after the story hour so I had time to nurse Micah again and get our stuff together for our class. Today was the first session of a new 6-week program we are starting. Through this program, we will attend 6 different kid-friendly locations, classes and activities in the area to "sample" the available options in our area. Our first session was a sing-along class. The instructor offers a regular 8 week sing-along class for babies 3 months old and up. Needless to say, DH got a bit distracted on the way home, and decided to detour to the bank and the grocery store. It was after 12:30 when he got back, and I had to immediately grab Micah, jump in the car, and go. Naturally, Micah was hungry, so he shrieked and screamed the ENTIRE way to class. I was pretty upset, and felt terrible that he was so hungry because DH didn't get him home in enough time to nurse.

We finally got to class, and I grabbed Micah and raced inside to nurse him quickly. As I put my hand on his cute little bottom . . . I realized that Micah had poop EVERYWHERE. He was shrieking and screaming, and he was a mess. I made it inside, and before I could feed him, I needed to change him . . . from head to toe. Luckily, I had a spare outfit in the diaper bag (of course, it was newborn sized, and Micah is now wearing 0-3 months, so it was a bit small). After finally getting him changed, I nursed him during the beginning of class. Once he was clean and fed, he calmed down and was all smiles! We enjoyed the class, and we are thinking of signing up for the next music class session (a few of our new friends are already attending).

After class, we headed home. I fed Micah again and he took a nice long nap while I did some cleaning. I also changed over Micah's closets/dressers - I took all of the newborn/preemie clothing out, and I pulled all of the 0-3 month stuff out and hung it up. DH had to head out to a meeting, so I bathed Micah, fed him, and put him to bed. Micah had a little trouble staying asleep - he slept about 40 minutes and woke up again - I nursed him a bit more, and he seems to be out for the night.

So, all-in-all, a productive day. Tomorrow, I have more conference calls in the morning (and some work I need to finish tonight) and then I hope to head out to the breastfeeding support group in the afternoon with Micah. Hopefully, each day I'll be able to find a bit more time to get my work done.

Next week, we are off and traveling again (for my work). We are flying out to LA for another conference (and sneaking in a quick visit with some friends). DH may have to fly up to Seattle for the day while we are there. Then we come back home on Friday, and on Sunday I turn around and leave for Atlanta until Tuesday night. I'll be bringing my mom to Atlanta to help out with Micah. Wish us luck! I'm a bit nervous all of this traveling is totally going to disrupt Micah's wonderful sleep schedule.


Emah S said...

OH those poop explosions are frustrating!! (almost as frustrating as my 8 year old having a tantrum right now, but I digress!)

Anyway....too bad I live soooo far away, I would be asking you to send me some of those newborn/preemie clothes......we can barely find anything to fit this little cutie!!! She's got like 5 outfits! haha, but like 50 in the 0-3 size!

Anyway, loved the purim pic of Micah......the kipah was too cute! Glad you guys are doing so well........I keep telling myself this stage passes and I will eventually sleep without her on me, and my boobs will eventually not hurt! haha

Chele said...

And you used to think my schedule made you tired. You are already building up stamina and multitasking like a pro.

Me said...

Sorry, Susie - I would have been happy to share!

Chele - I still think no one packs a day the way you do. I think I spend most of my days at home thinking about what I should be doing!