Monday, March 2, 2009

Belated Post - 2 month appointment

I either forgot to post an update a few weeks ago about Micah's 2 month checkup . . . or I am so confused that I can't find the post! We took him in on February 16 and he weighed 9 lbs 5 ozs!! He is getting so big. We showed the doctor how he rolled over, and he was impressed by how strong our little guy is. He increased his dosage of Zantac, and then my little guy had his shots. Luckily, it was only 2 shots and an oral vaccine. He SHRIEKED so loudly, and he had this horrible sobbing cry - I've never heard him cry so intensely. He has had other shots, but this one seemed to hurt more. I think this nurse was a little rough icon_sad.gif. Right after the shot, I nursed him, and he seemed to calm down almost immediately. He slept most of the day (right through our Baby & Me class), and when he did wake up, he just cranked and cried. I held him close and fed him and rocked him back to sleep. He woke up around 7 pm and he was smiling and happy again, and he ended up sleeping through the night that night. We had a rough day the next day (mostly because we got off our napping schedule), but he bounced back pretty quickly. I hated seeing him hurt, but we were lucky - no real bruising.

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Chele said...

Poor baby. I hated it when mine had to get those shots. Glad he bounced back and is doing well.