Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jumping the Gun . . . Maternity Clothes

So, I know I am totally jumping the gun here, but my mother and I went shopping for maternity clothes today! Actually - I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everything is elastic waisted, so it always fits, and you are supposed to look fat in it - I've never had such an easy time shopping for clothes in my life!! I really don't need the maternity clothes yet, but many of my pants were feeling a little tight around the waist when I was sitting down, and I really don't have any casual pants that will fit me this summer, so I decided to go ahead and just buy stuff now. What I wanted to buy was a belly band - basically, an elastic band that fits around my waist and it will allow me to wear my regular pants with the button unbuttoned. I ended up buying far more than that!!

We decided to shop at Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy. In our mall, the Motherhood store is down an empty corridor, where there are no other stores. I joked with my mom about being afraid to go to the store because I would run into someone. So, we took a deep breath, and went to the store. NATURALLY, we ran smack into a friend of mine who is due in August!! My mom was quite creative - she put on a confused expression and said "I guess we got lost . . . this doesn't look like the way to Old Navy. I hate shopping without my husband - he is the only one of us with any mall sense!!" I have no idea if she bought our story, but we got directions to Old Navy and scurried off there. I bought a few things at Old Navy, then we returned to Motherhood and bought even more.