Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Near miss with the pig and teething

We got that dreaded call today from Micah's daycare..."your son is running a high fever and you need to come get him." There are kids with swine flu all over the place in that daycare - the most recent was a kid in his classroom last week. I thought we were beyond the incubation period, but naturally the first thing I thought was "great, swine flu, and I'll be getting sick, too, and have to decide whether to take the Tamiflu."

So, I picked Micah up from daycare, and went up to the pediatrician. I kept thinking "just our luck!" since our pediatrician got in the thimerosal free (and squalene free) h1n1 vaccine and we had an appointment set up for Micah to get vaccinated on Saturday. A small part of me, I must admit, did think "well, that will settle my agony - no need for a needle once I get the flu!"

We made it up to the appointment, and Micah's temperature was at 101.8. The doctor checked him out, and did a nasal swab to test for flu. He checked Micah's ears (currently all clear) and I asked if this could be a sinus infection because I had been wondering if he had one again since his last cold had been lingering for several weeks. The doctor said it was possible, and he would also send out a nasal swab to check for a sinus infection. While we waited for the results of the flu swab, I mentioned to the doctor (the one who always laughs at me for thinking Micah is teething) that I was convinced Micah was teething again. He smiled at me, and I said "Look, one of these times I have to be right, don't I?" He laughed at me, checked Micah's gums, looked at me very somberly, and said "well, I have to say...he is definitely teething! I can see two teeth getting ready to break through on the bottom." Finally!! My toothless wonder may not be toothless much longer. I also mentioned Micah's horrible diaper rash that cropped up this week while I was out of town. After a quick check, he confirmed that Micah has a yeast infection, so we have to apply lotrimin 2x/day until it is gone.

After waiting 15 minutes, much to my surprise and amazement - Micah's flu swab came back negative! Instead of writing a prescription for Tamiflu, he sent us home and told us to try and keep his fever down. If his fever is not gone by Friday, we should bring him back in to re-check his ears and his throat. We should also have the results of the nasal culture back by Friday, too, so he may require antibiotics at that time. Unfortunately, if he is not better by Friday, we'll have to cancel his vaccination appointment - he has to be fever free for at least 24 hours before they will vaccinate him. So, hopefully we can keep us all swine flu free.


mcweix said...

Wow, you just wrote my last week! Both girls tested neg for the flu and pos for sinus and are on anti's now. Kirsten gets her ther free squal free vax tomorow and kadence on thursday.

Oh and we have no teeth at 10 months good luck getting his first one's, I check her gums every day.

Kari said...

good luck staying swine flu free and I hope his teething doesn't bother him too much.