Monday, November 16, 2009

Horrible Night

I have to say, I really shouldn't complain when we have a horrible night, because it really does happen so rarely. Micah has been a great sleeper from the beginning. However, the past few weeks have been rough - sick, teething, ear infections - let's just say it has absolutely disrupted Micah's sleep. Once again, Micah started fussing and crying in his sleep shortly after we put him to bed. Around 1:00 am, he started crying out loudly and standing up in his crib. We had to go in and get him, and he was just inconsolable. He cried, and he seemed to be having pain. We gave him some bottle and motrin, and then we put on Sesame Street. After about 1 hour, we finally coaxed him back to sleep. He cried on and off the rest of the night, and finally was wide awake again at 7:00 am. I wish I knew what to do for the poor little guy! I don't know how my parents did this in a time when they couldn't tape Sesame Street and play it when necessary!

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