Sunday, November 1, 2009


We've had a great Halloween week! I'm feeling much better, my father was released from the hospital late Wednesday, and we've been Halloween party fools! We also dressed Micah up on Thursday and shared our baby news with my parents:

For Halloween, Micah was dressed up as a dragon (we had a hand-me-down costume from our friends). We kicked off Halloween with a parade and party at Micah's daycare:

After the daycare party, we went to a Halloween party and concert! Micah had a ton of fun dancing and clapping.

Today, we went to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, Micah was a bit cranky, and we forgot to take a picture of him in his Jack-o-Lantern shirt. We made a chocolate peanut butter Mickey Mouse cake for her, and it was a big hit! What could be bad about Mickey, balloons and peanut butter?

After my niece's party, Micah took a long nap in the car. We decided to swing by Micah's friend Zach's birthday party. I had also made a birthday cake for him - ELMO!!

We arrived quite late to the party (and had to wait for Micah to wake up from his nap), so we missed the performance, but he still had fun playing with all the gym equipment.

Tonight, DH took Micah out trick or treating for a bit. We had a mad rush of kids, so it was a good thing they went out - without their treats, we would have run out of candy for the kids coming by! As DH says, reduce, reuse, recycle!

Micah is now quietly tucked away in bed. We're exhausted, and I have to pack and get ready for ANOTHER business trip tomorrow. I'm off to Minneapolis - I hear it is FREEZING there.


Mandy and Russel said...

I love the big brother shirt, so cute!

He makes a very adorable dragon :)

And the cakes... You never seize to amaze me!! :) Speaking of which, Ada used her blankey last night, it was SO warm and she even got compliments from neighbors!

Me said...

Thanks, Mandy! I'm so glad she liked the blanket :).

Chele said...

So darn cute! The cakes were fantastic!

Carmen and Stefanos said...

He looks so cute Tess. those Cakes look amazing I wish I had talent like that.
I'm glad that micah had a great first halloween.

be safe on your trip