Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleep Schedules and Play Groups

Micah is eating well and definitely growing. I think he sounds a bit congested - not really shocking after the past week that DH & I have been so sick. We've had more than a few sick people around, unfortunately - I guess he was bound to get sick, too. The good news is that most nights, Micah seems to give us a 5 or 6 hour stretch between feedings - kind of surprising for such a small baby! now that we have him in the secure sleeper, he will even sleep in the bassinet, too. I have noticed that Micah rarely wakes up and cries because he is hungry. I've just been waking him for feedings throughout the day and letting him sleep at night, but I think he would sleep most of the day and skip eating. Not sure how this child could be related to me and DH!! I'll have to ask the pediatrician next week if that is normal.

I'm finally starting to come back to the land of the living. I feel like most of my days revolve around feeding and diapers, and I feel like I should be *doing* more to stimulate both me and Micah. The weather isn't nice, so daily walks are not on the table. I'm thinking about starting back with yoga maybe next week, and I want to get back into swimming for exercise - maybe start toning everything back up again. I also looked up the dates for a Baby & Me class at the community center - the next one starts on February 2, and I intend to register for it! Several of my friends with children have said they made several good friends in this same class and found a playgroup for their children, so I'm hoping it will bring us good luck as well.

I also found out that there is this mommy group that includes different weekly activities for 6 weeks - each week, the group meets in a new location for an activity. They offer a singing session, an infant massage session, a photo session, a fitness session, a meeting with a pediatrician, and a class at a children's fitness place. It sounds like it might be fun to try! There is a session that starts next week (and the sessions are for babies 1 month to 1 year old), but I'm thinking that maybe I should wait and join the March course when Micah is older (especially since I haven't even brought him out into public yet). I also checked into baby swimming lessons - but I can't enroll him until he is 6 months old, so that will have to wait until summer time. I guess I'm looking forward to starting to do more.

I am also all set to attend my big conference at the end of the month. I'll be doing 4 presentations and attending 2 all-day meetings. DH will be coming as well, and I signed him up to do a presentation as well. Hopefully it will bring in some work for both of us! We decided to bring my mom along for the trip to help take care of Micah, so it should be a fun trip to Orlando.

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Krissy said...

Definitely a good time to go to warm, sunny Orlando!!

Great to hear Micah is growing!!!