Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is 2009! Micah got to meet his great grandmother on New Year's Day and spend some time with her. That was really wonderful to see - she kept saying how beautiful he was. I'm not sure if she knew who he was all the time, but she seemed happy to have him there. For someone with dementia, you just have to focus on the moments.

I'm finally feeling better (I'm a bit worried about Micah, though - he keeps sneezing!) and we've gotten Micah to sleep for 5 hour stretches 3 nights in a row so far! We tried the secure sleeper, and that really does seem to help a lot. He has really been fairly awake today - we played a bit, and we chatted, too. Of course, now I'm wondering what exactly to DO with him when he is awake. I sing, but that has to hurt his ears!! I'm not sure what toys he should play with or how best to stimulate him. We tried the playmat again today - he got upset after about 5 minutes on it. I gave him a funky rattle/plastic loopy thing (I think it is called a winkle?) and he seemed to like that . . . for a few minutes. He got cranky the last time he was awake, so I put him in the swing and he zonked back out again. We've played music and I've chatted with him and read him a book. I guess I'm just not sure if I'm doing this "right." I've never been so unsure of so many things in my life!


mcweix said...

T! You are doing just fine. Really at this stage, you are the best toy he can have! He may not like his mat or other toys for awhile yet but keep talking to him, it's so great for their vocabluary and brain stimulation. Your face is the best thing for him to look at anyways right about now.

You are doing wonderfull momma!

Chele said...

I agree, you're giving him what he needs and doing a great job!

Dr. Heather said...

You are doing super! He won't be interested in much except you for weeks. Amazing he slept 5 hours already. Michael was 8 weeks old before he slept more than 3 hours at once. He had major gas issues. Now he usually sleeps 4-7 hours. He slept 9 hours two nights ago. I got so engorged! Michael is just now really into his toys.

Me said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support.