Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My baby is sick

My poor little guy is sick . . . he is running a bit of a fever, and he is definitely congested. I can't get him to wake up and eat today. I called the doctor, and there isn't much I can do for him. I just hope he starts feeling better soon!

In good news, Micah did latch 2x in the past 24 hours without the nipple shield. He didn't nurse that long, but he did latch, so there is hope that we'll get off the nipple shield eventually!


Chele said...

It's just pitiful when they are sick at that age. They can't talk and there is really nothing you can do for them. I would recommend those VICKs plug in things to help with his congestion. They worked pretty good when Derek had a bad cold last year. They also make a vicks baby vapor rub that he may be old enough for. Hope he recovers quickly.

Shannon said...

Cameron got a nasty cold around this time when he was just an infant (2 months) and two things helped us, one was having him sleep up right so that he constantly had a good air flow while he was sleeping...second, we got a humidifier and got the vicks vapors liquid, once the thing was on it put those fumes in the air. It even cleared me up and I wasn't even sick!!!!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for lil Michah:)

Me said...

Thanks! I did put on the humidifier last night, and I kept him either upright (in the bouncy seat) or slightly elevated (in the secure sleeper which is angled). He wanted to be on me most of the night, so I was kind of propped upright with him on my chest. No, I didn't get much sleep at all last night! He also seems more comfortable on his side, so when he is lying on me, I keep him on his side. I've been using that nasal tube to clear out his nose, but he HATES that! I'll have to check out that vapor rub or liquid today.

Krissy said...

Feel better soon little Micah!