Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rough Week

This week has been tough. Micah has been struggling with a cold, and then it affected his eating/nursing. We've been having a difficult time getting back on track. He seems to be feeling much better, but he is still congested. At the doctor's appointment on Thursday (we went in to have his cold checked out), he had only gained 4 ounces - about 5 ounces less than we would have liked. We have no way to know whether this slowed weight gain is merely due to his cold or if it signifies a bigger eating issue.

I'm a bit frustrated right now with breastfeeding. He was doing a great job eating, and we were on a pretty good schedule until he got sick. He wouldn't eat for about a day, so I had to pump and bottle feed him. All I can say is this began a long cycle of crazy stuff . . . first I was feeling like I had an oversupply, and then it felt like my milk supply crashed. Micah finally got his appetite back, but he has been cluster-feeding pretty much non-stop for the past several days. We finally resorted to giving him a few bottle formula supplements because I just couldn't nurse him that many hours a day. I think he was nursing for about 12 hours straight on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday was better during the day, but then Micah would not stop nursing overnight and would not go down to sleep. I had a horrible migraine, so after nursing him for 9 hours (with about 45 minutes of breaks TOTAL), I finally told DH to give him a bottle so I could try and sleep my migraine off. I've been concerned that Micah is nursing like crazy because he isn't getting enough from me. The formula did the trick last night and Micah finally slept for 5 hours straight. He seems to be nursing more "normally" today - we'll see what happens tonight. He has been difficult to wake for his feedings today, so I'm concerned we are on a bad cycle here.

I've tried calling a few lactation consultants. Right now, everyone seems to think this is just a growth spurt (although I'm not convinced). Did I mention he is pooping green? I am concerned this means there is an issue with my milk, but who knows. He isn't exhibiting other symptoms of a foremilk/hindmilk issue (and he nurses for very long periods of time - sometimes 30-50 minutes on each breast - and yes, he is actively nursing that WHOLE time). I may have another appointment with a lactation consultant tomorrow.

Overall, today was a good day. We had friends come by to bring us bagels for breakfast and take a tour of our house. I then went to meet a new contractor to get a price quote on fixing up my condo for resale. Micah has been nursing easily and quickly going down for his naps today, but tonight will be the real test. I'm still obsessing about his weight and whether everything is okay, but I'm trying to hang in there for a few more days.

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Sarah said...

Oh girl, I am so sorry you've had a rough week!! I have totally been there. Hang in there as best you can, you are doing a wonderful job. :)