Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today's Appt

Today was another follow-up appointment to monitor my contractions. Last night was a rough night - I was in a lot of pain and I had contractions pretty steadily throughout the night. Yesterday I tried to reduce the anti-contraction medicine, so today we are going to return to taking the maximum dose at scheduled times (every 4-6 hrs) to see if that helps. I am also staying on the tylenol every 6 hours. I'm still measuring right on target, but I seem to have lost another pound this week. They also sent out another urine culture to see how my UTI is doing. I have to call the maternal fetal medicine place and ask when I can do another course of the 2nd medicine. Other than that, I seem to be doing okay. They don't really know if the contractions/discomfort will continue throughout this pregnancy or if they will magically disappear, so I'm supposed to focus on each episode at a time and not try to project for the rest of the pregnancy.

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