Monday, October 6, 2008

A registry!

We did it . . . we finally started a registry yesterday! Yes, we have been putting it off, and no it isn't anywhere close to complete, but we started it! DH was a bit of a maniac with the gun . . . if he could shoot it, I think he put it on the registry. Of course, he has no idea that I have the power of edit on the web site, so many of the items he placed on there may have "magically" disappeared. He initially registered me for 4 different breast pumps! I think he can't wait to go back so he can have the gun again for more play time. He is also currently obsessed with strollers - I'm not exactly sure what the fascination is about, but he can't stop investigating strollers, and was quite upset that I wouldn't go inspect and select the strollers yesterday.

We still have another store we want to go to and start another registry, and we may put some things online at Target, too, to make it easier for out-of-town friends and family, but we finally got the ball rolling. We also went ahead yesterday and bought a reclining chair for our living room - so that will complete our living room furniture. We still need to go back to the other baby store and pick out a glider, but we hope to do that this week.

As for me . . . . today I am 28 weeks pregnant! Overall, I'm feeling well. This little guy is kicking up a storm. For some reason, he seems to have a fascination with my cervix - he continually likes to poke it and make me uncomfortable. I'm sure when I tell him that during his teenage years, he'll turn bright red with humiliation and say "eww, mom, do you have to say things like that!" Is it wrong that I am looking forward to embarassing him like that one day? I also have a pain in the lower right side of my abdomen - I hope it is nothing, but it is extremely uncomfortable. I guess I probably pulled a muscle or something . . . I think it started yesterday - I'll have the midwife check it out at our appointment tomorrow! Here is my latest belly shot, taken today:

Tomorrow we go back to the midwife for my gestational diabetes test (wish me luck!) and a regular checkup. As of tomorrow, we will now be on a 2-week appointment schedule. I can't believe how the time is flying! Now . . . if only we could get those renovations on the house finished, we'd really be in business!

On another note, I'm obsessing about my dog again. She has skin and allergy issues, so back in July, I switched her to a high-quality grain-free diet. I'd tried all the other tricks, but read an article indicating that many dog skin allergies may be caused by the grains in commercial dog foods. I think her skin has been better, but she has also had a skin infection that won't quite go away, and has been on antibiotics, so it is hard to tell. My one worry with the new diet is that it is very high in fat, and I was afraid she would gain weight. Today I took her to the vet, and we have to go back on antibiotics for the skin infection. But, I learned that she did put on a bit of weight - maybe .4 lbs. So, of course, I'm wondering what to do next! I'm not ready to give up on this grain-free diet, but I don't want to make her fat, either. I think DH is ready to kill me for obsessing this much over dog food.

After our vet appointment, I went to the pet food store (since we are almost out of dog food anyway), and found a different grain-free brand that has a low-fat version, but of course, it is even lower in fat than the food she was on before switching to this diet (and if the fat content is too low, it can give dogs dry skin and make them itch!). So . . . I couldn't decide what to do! I know it isn't a good idea to change dog food too many times, but I also want to do what is best for her! I can't believe how indecisive I'm being! So, I was an overwhelmed pregnant lady in the dog food store today. The saleswoman kept making suggestions, and all I wanted to do was strangle her. First, since the new dog food we've been on has double the calories of her previous food, she suggested cutting my dog's food intake in half. Great idea . . . when you are dealing with a big dog. My dog is tiny - and only gets 3/4 c. food per day. And she is already pissed about that, because back in her younger days, I used to give her more like 1 1/4 c. per day. She now KNOWS when I cheat her out of even just one piece of kibble, and is not afraid to cause a raucous if she doesn't get her share. She has made it quite clear she will not tolerate any more reductions in quantity, caloric count be damned! And my favorite comment from the saleswoman - why don't you let your dog taste the new brand and decide which she likes better? Um, yeah, my dog will eat rabbit poo, vomit, and dead frogs - exactly WHAT makes you think she has discriminating taste and will "prefer" one over the other - it is food, she'll eat it (or rather inhale it), probably within about 3 seconds after I place it in her bowl!

So, after coming home and doing some research, and discovering that this new low-fat dog food also was given 6 stars by a pet food analysis web site (that I've decided is reliable and have been consulting for the past few years), I decided that perhaps we will try switching to the new low-fat grain-free dog food. For some reason, I felt the need to share this piece of information with DH - whose response was the classic "okay." Men! I might even be able to give her closer to 1 full cup a day, so she will probably love that. Do you think she realizes how much agony I go through for her? And to think she gets pissed at me when I put the food down 5 minutes late.

Oh . . . and here is a pic of my adorable spoiled princess, taking a snooze on the couch:


Krissy said...

The gun mania is a man thing! My husband scanned pretty much everything in the store and I did the exact same thing as you, a little editing online when I got home :-) What they don't know doesn't hurt 'em

Mandy and Russel said...

We feed Zachy Wellness Core, it's also got a 6 star rating. We LOVE it and so does Zach!

Me said...

Mandy - that is what I'm in the process of switching my dog to - the low fat Wellness Core. I've had her on Orijen, but I'm now thinking the Wellness Core Low Fat is better.