Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Playing Catch

Today was one of those days that just melted my heart - Micah played catch with me all day!! We were stuck at home, again, post-blizzard. Micah grabbed one of the little ping-pong like balls from one of his toys, and he threw it to me. I said "yay" and clapped, and he laughed and clapped with me. I rolled it back to him, and he grabbed the ball and sent it back to me. We played on and off all day long! He just laughed and clapped and giggled, and he kept chasing down the ball and sending it right back to me. Sometimes he rolled it, sometimes he actually threw it. Sometimes, when he threw the ball, it accidentally flew backwards! No matter - he chased it down and tried again. It was such fun to sit and play with him, watch him learn, and pass a wonderful lazy day with my beautiful son.

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Chele said...

Aw, I loved those momments. You still get them as they get older but it's more on the intelligence level.