Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Birthday Party that Wasn't

Last week was an insanely busy week. We spent a lot of it prepping for Micah's birthday party - buying supplies and decorations, planning and purchasing food for the menu, making the birthday cake, etc. We were expecting about 15-20 people for Micah's "playgroup" party, and then another 30-40 people for our Chanukah/birthday party. I purchased tuna fish and egg salad, we had over 20 lbs of potatoes for making potato latkes, and enough cake baked to feed an army! Our plan was to have cupcakes (decorated like Elmo) for the playgroup party. We baked about 3 dozen cupcakes for that. We also had a huge 2 layer cake for the "main event." My nieces were in town for a few days before the party, so we were a bit crazy all week. We took them to a few music classes and had a great time with them. Anyway, Saturday morning rolled around...and Micah woke up with a 102 degree fever. And a cough. The cough started to get worse as the day went along, so we decided to take him to the hospital. We were actually hoping that he had an ear infection - a couple doses of antibiotics and we thought things would be back on track!

Unfortunately, we learned Micah had a viral case of bronchitis, and would likely be contagious to children. When we came home from the hospital, we sent out a note and canceled the playgroup party. We then sent out a note to all of our other friends and family, letting them know that Micah had a virus and could possibly be contagious. On Sunday, Micah woke up fever-free, but still coughing. We decided to go ahead with the afternoon party, but naturally, nearly everyone declined to come. My parents, my brother, sister-in-law and my two nieces (who had already been around Micah while he was sick), my cousin and her two children, and one of my best friends were the only people in attendance. Despite the poor turnout, we still had a great time!

Here are some pictures and video from the event:

Micah also got SOOO many wonderful presents. My parents bought him a play gym - it has a slide, a ladder and a basketball hoop. My brother and SIL bought him an outfit, a dump truck, and a tool bench toy. My cousin brought him a mega blocks set, and my best friend bought him some clothing, some books, and this adorable singing donkey (it sings "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch"), and another friend dropped off a baseball toy, and another friend gave him a singing Chanukah bear. My parents' friends also sent him a wonderful storage bench before his birthday. We were so lucky to have such wonderful presents!


Prather Family said...

OMG, the cake eating was hilarious. That makes me think to have the camera ready to film the girls when they get their cake in 4 months!!! It sounds like it was a great party despite the nasty cold.

Dr. Heather said...

Happy Birthday Micah! Sorry you got sick....