Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NT Scan & random stories

We had our 12 week nuchal tanslucency scan on December 8. After everything we went through Thanksgiving week, we were quite nervous about this visit. We got there and the tech started things up...and we were SOOO relieved when we heard there was still a heartbeat. As the ultrasound went on, the news got better and better. The baby was moving well, the neck measurements were perfect, all the parts were in place...hands, feet, arms, legs and nasal bone. Here are the two pictures of our beautiful little bean, (who we are calling Twoey), that we were able to take home.

Random Story Time

I adore Micah, but he is becoming quite a challenge to handle in so many ways. First, let's start with diapering. Diaper changing is really and truly an exercise in baby wrangling - Micah twists, turns, stands, flips, dances, squirms, crawls, and hollers. We hand him a toy - sometimes it appeases him and he'll play. Other times, he'll throw it on the floor and return to insanity. We've tried remote controls, books, digital thermometers, the blue nose squeegey - at different times, each of these "toys" enthralls him, but some days, nothing but freedom will do!

Now that we've covered diapering challenges, let's talk about eating. Micah does not like to drink much milk, and he refuses to take a sippy cup. He should still be drinking 20-24 ozs of formula a day, but I'm lucky most days if he drinks 10-14. In the morning, he likes to go play. In theory, that alone would be fine if he did a great job of eating. And some meals, Micah is a GREAT eater. He loves veggie burgers, hamburgers, turkey burgers, cheese sandwiches, pizza, cheerios and kidney beans. He also loves bananas and pears. Just about anything else, however, is a crap shoot. He appears to hate pasta, although he was willing to eat pesto-coated tortellini the other day. He will sometimes eat yogurt and cottage cheese, and he will sometimes let me feed him applesauce or oatmeal. Other times, he grabs the spoon and smears it in his hair while dumping the bowl on the floor. He will not eat white potatoes (can you imagine?), peas, green beans or carrots anymore. I can actually handle this newly found pickiness, but what is driving me crazy is his need to "share" the food with our dog! He drops at least half of everything he touches on the floor for her! And if we say "no," he smiles and tries to "sneak" and drop the food on the floor. I mean, seriously, is deviousness an instinct or a learned trait? The worst part is my dog is supposed to be on a grain-free diet because of her allergies. We finally had her skin doing better and her hair re-growing, and all this recent influx of waffles and Cheerios and bread and crackers has her skin back to being a mess again, her bald spot is back with a vengeance, and her nose irritation returned. How do you explain that to a 1 year old? I think I'm going to have to put MICAH on a grain-free diet for the sake of the dog!!

By the way - did you notice I said 1 year old? That is right - Monday is Micah's first birthday! We are having a party for him on Sunday (well, two). It is also Chanukah for us (the "festival of lights"), when we celebrate Judah and the Maccabees' (the Jewish makeshift "army") victory over the Syrian King, Antiochus, who tried to kill us. After our victory, Judah and the Maccabees sought to rededicate the Temple, and there was only a small amount of oil left to light the eternal flame. Once lit, the eternal flame should never be extinguished. The miracle is that the little tiny bit of oil managed to last for eight days. To commemorate the miracle, we light candles every night for 8 days. Each night, we add one more candle to the lighting, and on the last night, the entire menorah is lit - all 8 candles (plus the one we use to light the other candles - known as the shamas). Because Chanukah falls around Christmas time, in the US, Jews also celebrate Chanukah with gift-giving.

In honor of both Micah's birthday and the holiday, we are having a Chanukah party for Micah's birthday! At 12, his playgroup friends will join us, and we'll serve traditional Chanukah food (like latkes - potato pancakes). Micah will then take his afternoon nap, and around 3:30 or 4, we'll have some other friends and family join us for Chanukah party, take 2. We'll continue eating traditional food, playing Chanukah games, and we'll have Chanukah music playing. We'll light the candles, exchange gifts and watch Micah destroy a birthday cake. What could be more fun?


Prather Family said...

I was just wondering where you were hiding. I had not seen an update or a post from you on SK. I was just going to check on you.

Where did the time go? I can't believe Micah is going to be 1 already!!! I hope you work out the diapering and eating issues. I can just imagine the challenges we will have with the girls as they get older.

I'm so happy everything looks great with baby bean. That must be such a relief.

Happy Chanuka! Enjoy your celebration.

Jules said...

Ditto - glad to see you back on the blog.

Glad the scan went well - is there a "big U/S" date set yet?

Too funny - the girls' pediatrician mentioned when I said most of their food ends up on the floor that a dog would be happy to clean it up for us.

Yeah diaper changes were far more easy pre-mobility.