Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything goes in the mouth

Lately, everything goes in Micah's mouth . . . remote controls, Daddy's glasses, the dog's foot, towels, the rubber duckie - whatever he can get in his cute little hands. Ironically, the one thing I cannot get him to stick in his mouth and enjoy . . . solid foods in the mesh teether! I bought this great little mesh contraption that is designed to safely allow babies to experience bigger chunks of solid food. We've tried watermelon and blueberries so far, and Micah goes BALLISTIC if that mesh bag gets anywhere near his mouth. His playgroup friends all love it, and I know Micah likes to eat watermelon and blueberries pureed, so I guess it must be a texture thing. I'm not sure if it is the bag or the food that he isn't liking, but I'm going to keep working on it.

Recently, Micah has started drinking water out of a sippy cup. He is getting pretty good, as long as we use the Born Free sippy cup and he is leaning back. Unfortunately, he does not understand that pool water is not good for him. Since he discovered he can drink water, all he wants to do at the pool is drink the water. I think he might have had a gallon the last time we were there. Perhaps the beach is better - I think sand is healthier than pool water, right?

Speaking of everything going in the mouth, I started South Beach diet on Monday. This week has been rough - I've been dying to eat all kinds of carbs and junk since they are now off limits. I feel like Micah - every bit of food I spot I just want to put in my mouth. The good news is that I'm behaving and I do think I'm already seeing results. I keep asking DH if I'm thin now - he thinks that is a trick question.


Jules said...

Aw.....hope the girls like the mesh thing -I already bought that. You might be right on the texture thought. Hope he gets used to it.

We have the "twins" diet going on here (sadly to say, it pretty much works on there's never anytime to really eat)

Yeah pretty sure pool water = not so good. :p

Sam and Kerry said...

Good luck with the South Beach Diet. I was thinking of starting that.

Chele said...

Neither of mine liked the mesh teether. I think it must be they didn't like the texture of it. Micah is getting so big!

Prather Family said...

I bet you spend half your day taking things out of Micah's mouth. Too bad he isn't interested in the mesh teether. It sounds like a great idea but maybe it is a texture thing for him.

Good luck on the diet. I keep wondering when I am going to get back to eating better but the pumping keeps me starving all the time so I'm not sure if it is a good idea to limit my food intake. I might end up snapping. LOL

Me said...

Amy - I wouldn't - and my supply dropped on South Beach. I had to quit phase 1 and switch to phase 2 because I needed more carbs to maintain my milk supply.