Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The return of morning sickness

Whoever said morning sickness disappears in the second trimester lied!! My morning sickness returned full force (and with a vengeance) around 12 weeks. I've been so sick, and back to puking. I couldn't keep anything down this weekend, which was particularly inconvenient since we were still holding services for my grandmother and had family and friends stopping by all weekend. On Sunday, I finally had to beg DH to go home and get my Phenergan. I have to say - it is a wonder drug! If only it lasted longer . . . it wears off, and then I try to put off taking another one . . . well, let's just say I ended up sick again at night last night.

We are driving to my niece's high school graduation tomorrow - you can bet I'll be popping pills all day long!!


Karianne said...

I'm also a part of SK due in January and I wanted to stop in and say hello. For some reason, your story just touches my heart. I got tears in my eyes reading. We are also very close in due dates! Congrats on your first!

Me said...

Thank you!!