Monday, April 5, 2010

Uh oh

Tonight I was feeding my son dinner. He was covered from head to toe in food and making a huge mess, and then the most offensive, loud sound I think I've ever heard exploded from his behind. I swear it nearly sent him 2 feet up in the air! Just to give you a clue, it was like an explosion of gas and poop and who knows what else. Anyway, when it was all finished, I looked at him and said "what on earth was that?" and he promptly said "uh-oh."

I about DIED...he is right - it really is an uh oh. Good thing we are headed to the bath tub in 5 minutes.

In other news - any tips for keeping a child out of the dog's food bowl? I find him trying (and sometimes succeeding) to eat her food all the time. And he likes to play in her water (and sometimes try to stick his face in and drink it). I'm constantly telling him no and pulling him away!

Another cute development - Micah has started pointing at the different things in the pictures in the books we read (he'll point to the bubbles and say "bubble" or he'll point to different animals). He is definitely signing dog and duck and he says "quack quack" sometimes ( actually sounds more like "cock" when he quacks, but he is definitely quacking).

And tonight, he kissed the phone and waved at it when we were speaking to his Grampy. Usually, he waves or he just likes to push the buttons and make noise, but this is definite progress! I'd like him to be able to talk to ALL his family members - most of the time, he just gets shy. He has aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who are all looking forward to hearing from him on the phone!

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Prather Family said...

What great developments Micah is making. You must be so proud (even with the occasional diaper mess, LOL).