Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hand, Foot and Mouth

My little man is SICK. Everything seemed fairly normal this week - Micah had been a bit cranky, but I presumed it was due to the teething. A few times on Wednesday I thought he felt a touch warm, but I figured it was just from the teething, and I did not even check his temperature. He was SOOO cranky on Wednesday night, so I was in a huge hurry to bathe him and put him to bed.

On Thursday, Micah woke up a bit early. He was very cranky again, and hardly ate any breakfast at all. I decided to give him Tylenol - it helps with the teething pain, and often gives him his appetite back. We took my car over to a free car seat inspection/installation event, and Micah had a great time! He wandered around, and I made the mistake of putting him in the driver's seat - he LOVED it! Unfortunately, we could not convince them to install the car seat in the driver's seat, so Micah was quite unhappy when we made him return to the rear seat.

After the car seat installation, we took Micah for a visit with his Grammy at work (while DH and I went for another ultrasound of Twoey). I was afraid he would be miserable the entire time. I'll separately post the update about Twoey and our ultrasound appointment, but it turned out Micah actually behaved himself! When we went back to pick him up, I thought he felt a bit warm. We were running late, so we ended up missing our class and going home instead. While DH headed downtown to a meeting, I put Micah down for a nap.

Much to my surprise, Micah took a LONG nap. DH made it home before Micah woke up from his nap. I knew he was tired, but he slept for nearly 4 hours! When he finally woke up, he was burning up. I took his temperature, and it was 104.3. I immediately gave him some Tylenol. I called the pediatrician, and they said that I did not need to rush him to the emergency room unless he was listless, and I should work on getting his fever down and bring him in to the office in the morning. About 45 minutes later, I checked Micah's temeprature again...and it was up to 104.8. I was concerned, so I called the after-hours emergency number to reach the pediatrician. While we waited for her to call back. DH informed me that we had gotten an email from Micah's daycare informing us that there was a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease reported in his classroom. Immediately, I was fairly certain Micah had caught the virus.

When the doctor called back, we mentioned the outbreak at his daycare and we discussed the fever. She suggested I try to give Micah Motrin, too, and place him in a lukewarm bath if his temperature did not start to drop within an hour or two. She said we should go to the hospital if the fever continued to climb and we could not get it to drop within an hour or two, or if Micah became listless and lethargic. At that point, my mom showed up, and we stripped Micah down to his diaper. I checked his temperature one more time, and it was 105.1.

About 45 minutes later...we had gotten Micah's temperature back down to 103.8. Who would have thought that a temperature of 103.8 would be a relief? Over the next hour, Micah's crankiness started to dissipate. He started to drink some milk, he ate some graham crackers and some cheese, and he started to run around and play with his toys. He seemed to be in good I decided to head out for a few hours and leave Micah with my mom. Instead of our weekly date night, DH decided to take a class that interested him, so I made plans to meet my friend. We just went for dinner at a tapas placed. The weather was beautiful, but unfortunately, those Tea Party people were holding a rally on the square where we were eating. I was really annoyed to have my peaceful dinner being disturbed by that stuff. I believe they have the right to demonstrate...but I also believe I have the right not to listen!

I was definitely laughing when the Tea Party-ers decided to play their "anthem"... Independence Day by the Dixie Chicks. Yes, the Dixie Chicks. I'm guessing that the Dixie Chicks would not be thrilled about this political group co-opting their name or their song, and I think it is ironic that these are likely the same people who blasted the Dixie Chicks for being anti-war (and called them un-American). Ahh...the irony. By the way, can someone please explain to me how people can be pro-war and anti-government and taxation at the same time? Unless I'm mistaken, the war efforts are one of the biggest government expenditures (and a HUGE component of our current federal government). off on a tangent there.

Anyway, I came home after a few hours - apparently, Micah and my mother had a fun night together, and he went to bed easily. He did sleep until 6:00 am on Friday, but he woke periodically crying on and off overnight.

Friday morning, Micah still had a fever of 104. We made an appointment and took him to the pediatrician. Naturally, when we got there, his fever was only 98.4! Apparently, all the meds were helping. Micah looked fine upon examination, and we mentioned the case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (also known as the Coxsackie virus) at his daycare. Micah's throat was read (and he had a negative strep test), so the doctor presumed that this was likely a Coxsackie viral infection. He warned us Micah's fever would stay high for another day or two, and that he might develop sores in his mouth and a rash on his hands, feet, and possibly his tush.

We kept him medicated and comfortable all day. We also learned that 4 other children in his daycare class (out of 6) were out sick with this virus. Ah well...I guess in the scheme of things, this really has been fairly minor. DH took Micah on a long walk in the afternoon, we watched Sesame Street, and we had a nice afternoon.

Around 7:00, our niece came over for dinner - she was in town for a conference, and Micah got to spend some quality time with his cousin. We bathed him and put him to bed by 8:30, and the three of us stayed up talking until about 1:00 am. I then drove her back downtown to her hotel.

This morning, Micah woke up with some blisters on his tongue and a slight rash on his feet, tush and hands. Definitely Coxsackie! I have to say, that sounds so much better to me than Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, doesn't it? I checked with the pediatrician again...I do not need to keep him isolated while he has the rash - just until 24 hours after his fever breaks. His fever has been below 100 today, so we will hopefully be able to return him to class on Monday.

In the meantime, Micah has been having some fun around the house. Apparently, he pulled this box off of the counter so he could play with it:
In the past few days, Micah has learned to shake his head "no." Another sign of the terrible twos, I suppose. He says "no" when he doesn't want food, or if he doesn't want to go upstairs for a nap, or really for anything else. It is kind of cute, but I have a feeling I'm going to grow to hate that.

For giggles, here is a picture of Micah in "his" chair:

Here are a few other pictures from last week.

Natural History Museum on Tuesday:

Hanging out with Daddy (after stealing his glasses):

Friday Spring Fling:


Prather Family said...

Awww...the poor little guy. I was shocked by his 105 degree temp. I'm sure I would be very worried, but it is good to know that he will be okay. Great pictures, boy is he growing fast.

Chele said...

UGH! Derek caught it when he was in 1st grade and unfortunately it was an extreme case. He had blister all over his mouth, tongue and throat. They had to give him meds to numb them so that he could swallow food. I hope it clears up quickly for Micah and he is through the worst of it.

Loved all the pics. I swear time is passing too quickly! 16 months already?!

mrsmegalina said...

sick babies make me so sad:( love u guys! (Meaghan)

E. Phantzi said...

De-lurking to say your comments on the Tea Party and Dixie Chicks made me smile - I feel the same way about the costs of war.

Also, your Micah is so incredibly cute! I hope he feels better soon!

chitogr54 said...

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