Monday, April 19, 2010

He's got the beat....

Micah woke up this morning feeling great - he has been fever free for over 24 hours, and he barely has any sign of the rash remaining. I'm glad that he did not get a particularly bad case of coxsackie virus, but I think all these post-viral rashes are awful! I'm sure we have many more to come in the future. We double checked with the pediatrician, and Micah was cleared to return to daycare, so off he went! Naturally, the daycare manager asked us for a note from the doctor confirming that he was cleared to return 24 hours after his fever disappeared, so we had to scramble a bit to get them to fax over a note.

I've been on a picture binge lately...I just can't stop taking pictures of Micah! Everyday, he is doing more and more amazing things, and I constantly feel compelled to document it. For example, a few days ago we were driving in the car. Micah was a bit cranky (this was a day or two before we realized he was sick), so I put on some music and started clapping to the beat and singing. All of the sudden, I heard a giggle from the back seat and a clapping sound! I glanced in the mirror and realized that Micah was clapping on beat with me! Yes, I said it - on beat! I stopped clapping, and Micah continued on clapping...right on beat! My son has rhythm, which is more than I can say for his Daddy (or mine, for that matter). He repeated the process again watching some music on tv - he is even able to find the beat on his own and maintain it. I'm so proud of him!

Micah has been playing with toy cars a lot lately. His Aunt and Uncle gave him a toy garage for his birthday, and he seems to really love the cars. He will "drive" them all over the place, and he now says "vroom vroom" as he pushes the cars around.

Micah has also crossed into the land of "big boy" eating - at breakfast the other day, he insisted on taking the WHOLE banana to eat, peel and all. I couldn't resist snapping a photo:

He also likes to sit at the dining room table in a grownup seat now - either to eat a snack, sit with his cousin who came for a short visit this weekend, or just to sit and act like a grownup. He and the dog have an interesting relationship now - she loves to watch him eating through the glass table, she tries to steal his food when he holds it below table height, and she will even try to climb up and join him at the table.

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