Wednesday, April 14, 2010

16 months

I can't believe it...Micah is 16 months old today!! He is talking up a storm (although not all of it is intelligible), and he is just so active. Currently, his favorite word is "uh-oh." I chuckle as I hear him toddling around the house saying "uh-oh" over and over again. He is getting pretty good about saying "hi" and "bye-bye" and waving. He says "baby" all the time now, too. He definitely is starting to repeat words, and he is finally in the pointing stage.

It looks like Micah is trying to cut another 4 teeth, and the poor guy has been miserable with sore gums and a runny nose (I think he also has allergies). I love how he comes over to give me kisses all the time, and he has been quite vocal about what he wants and doesn't want. He is just so loving all the time - he loves to cuddle and kiss, and he loves to be tickled and chased. He hates having his nose wiped, too. He has become a HUGE thumb sucker - all day long, and he will even suck two thumbs at once if he can! I wish he wouldn't suck his thumb as often, but what can I do?

He loves having me read him books, and he is just so curious all the time. He likes to point at things in books, and he is starting to identify animals. He is starting to use a spoon to feed himself, but generally requires a bath after any attempts.

Micah loves bath time - he continually places his face in the water and blows bubbles. He has fun splashing in the water and playing with his toys and dumping water over his face and hands. I am hoping to enroll him in a swim class this Spring - I hope he'll love the pool and swimming.

Micah still adores Elmo - I'm constantly amazed how Elmo can end any temper tantrum. We are definitely entering the terrible twos - temper tantrums and frustration outbursts are getting more and more common. Micah gets very stubborn, and he does not like it when I tell him no or make him stop doing something he is enjoying.

Recently, Micah has taken possession of the rocking reclining chair in the living room. He firmly believes this is "his" chair. We are not allowed to put anything on it anymore (he throws any objects he sees on it right on the floor). He likes to climb up on the chair and sit (by himself) and rock. He also likes to try standing while Mommy yells at him to sit down. He will also yell and throw a tantrum if someone else sits in "his" chair. Micah does not know this yet, but we plan to move that chair to his bedroom after the remodel (since we will be moving the glider into Twoey's room).

This week, Micah figured out how to open the front screen door - we will be keeping that locked from now on! He is starting to get out of his stroller more and walk when we are out in public. I have not yet taught him to listen or stay close, so this is not a fun development for me.

Micah weighs about 20 lbs right now. He is still wearing size 12 months clothing (the 12-18 month sizes are still a bit large on him). I'd guess he is around 34 inches tall - he won't be measured again until June. He is mostly still wearing a size 3 diaper, but once we run out of this box, we'll just put him in the size 4 diapers. I believe he is hitting all of his milestones on target. It is hard to imagine that it has already been 16 months. I'm excited each day to see him grow and learn. Happy 16 months, my little man!

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Prather Family said...

16 months??? Weren't you just pregnant with him. My how the time has flown by. I bet you can't wait until Twoey gets here and your family is complete. Then you will be blogging about how quickly time has passed for both of your kids.