Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bad Hair Day

It turns out that Micah is having a bad hair day. Actually, it seems he is always having a bad hair day. No matter what I do, his hair always seems slightly greasy and stands on end. The look is actually quite adorable on a 7 week old, but at some point, I would think we’d prefer his hair to behave. It turns out, there IS a solution to Micah’s bad hair days . . . we just need to move to Orlando. Yes, I said it. We stepped off the plane in Orlando, and within minutes, Micah’s hair began behaving. The greasy look disappeared, his hair got a bit fluffy, and those wild spiky pieces settled nicely in place.



I thought it was just a fluke or a coincidence . . . until we returned home, and his hair returned to “Bad hair day” status. Apparently, Micah’s hair would like to move to Florida.

So, when we relocate to Florida, and the inevitable question is posed . . . “So, why did you move to Florida?” . . . I’ll just have to respond with the truth . . . “My son was having a bad hair day.”


Air Force Wife said...

LOL. T. That's hillarious.

Prather Family said...

LOL, that is pretty funny. I would bet my hair would do the opposite with all the humidity down there. Although I think that is a perfect reason to move to FL. :)

Kari said...

I love it! Do you think I can convince DH to move to Florida if I use that excuse? BTW I think all his hair is so cute!

Chele said...

LMAO! Florida doesn't do that for my hair. I'd love for you to move down here with me and Emily.

Mandy and Russel said...

Oh I love it!! hahahaha

Who would think!? That is too cute. Poor little guy.

I love his hair, even on the bad days! :)

Dr. Heather said...

Michael has the same wild hair here in Phoenix. We haven't been anywhere else to see how it does elsewhere. He used the same blue Miracle Blanket too.