Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heading South for the Winter. . . Snowbird on the Way?

Well, we just got back from our 35 week appointment with the midwife we've only seen one other time during this pregnancy - and she was really nice! The last time I met with her, she yelled at me about my weight, so I've been avoiding her. Anyway, we talked about my situation and my labor, and she was really helpful and great about everything, so I'm feeling good about her if she is the one who ends up on call when I go into labor.

In other news . . . I had my first internal exam. I'm apparently 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated! The baby is between -1 and 0 station (meaning he has started his descent already). We asked about going out of town this weekend, and she wants me to base my decision on my cervical length at the ultrasound on Friday. She said if it hasn't changed drastically, I have a yellow light to go . . . she doesn't think I will go into labor, but she recommends taking my pills closer to every 4 hrs, bringing my hospital bag, a copy of my medical records, drinking lots of water, and doing my best to take it easy.

Bottom line is she thinks this baby will most likely come next week - she'd guess I will go into labor when I stop the medicine (especially since I'm already experiencing cervical changes, the baby is dropping, and I'm dilating while ON the medication). I'm so excited . . . I might actually be a mommy next week!

On the puppy/home front, the stupid contractors were here all day yesterday and took everything off our bathroom shelves and left it on the floor. Being 35 weeks pregnant, it never occurred to me to go upstairs and check the bathroom before I ran out last night because I was too tired to climb the stairs. Long story short, we returned home to find that the dog had gotten into DH's travel kit and had managed to consume a bunch of vitamins and some metamucil. She was spitting out big gelatinous chunks of the stuff! That poor dog has the WORST gas today - my whole house stinks from it!

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Chele said...

Oh my, I hope Nugget is feeling better today. I hope the u/s goes well and you are able to make the trip. Safe travels.