Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aww Moment

So DH is leaving town tonight to go on a business trip, and I asked him to clean up his stuff in the bedroom before he left since the cleaning people are coming tomorrow. For the first time (perhaps EVER) he isn't just hiding the mess and shoving everything into his drawers - he actually is sorting/organizing/putting things away! In doing all this, he stumbled across some notes I hid in his suitcases when he went down to Mississippi for a month to help post-Katrina. When I was little and went away to camp, my mom used to hide little notes in my suitcase/dresser drawers so that all summer long I'd find cute little notes that made me smile and remember someone cared about me. DH & I hadn't been together all that long when he left, but I decided to do the same for him. Before I could second guess my decision or whether he would think it was stupid, I dashed off some notes (just little things like "hello" and "kisses from me & the puppy" and "we miss you" or "thinking of you") and stuffed them in his folded suitcase. Anyway, he saved a bunch of them, and he brought them down to show me today when he found them. I think it is so sweet that he saved all those notes.

On Monday night, we had our final birth class! Now we just have to keep practicing what we've learned and hope it helps on baby's birth day. Yesterday was our midwife appointment - everything is progressing well (I measured 33 cms, so right on target) and the baby's heartbeat was perfect. We asked a bunch of questions about labor and delivery stuff, and we are feeling good about everything. On Friday we go in for our ultrasound to see how things are looking. From this point on, we will be doing weekly appointments and ultrasounds.


Shannon said...

That was such a cute idea to do for him, and so amazing that he saved them- too "awww"!!!!

It won't be long now huh? I can't wait to finally see pictures of your little bundle:)

Krissy said...

Oh my, I don't miss the weekly visits!!!

Yay for making it to 34 weeks! I am sure you are happy to be able to sit back and take a deep breath knowing your little guy will do great if born today.