Friday, November 21, 2008

34 week ultrasound

Today's appointment was fairly uneventful . . . except for the fact that the doctors and ultrasound technicians have been confused about my presence at the last two visits. Today's tech actually came in and asked why I was there and what she was supposed to do! Somehow, the doctor's notes got lost in translation, and they were acting like I just kept showing up for the fun of it.

After going through the saga a few times, they checked my cervix (which shrunk some, but is holding steady around 2.4/2.5) measured Frank (who seems to have shrunk almost another centimeter) and did a biophysical profile of the baby. Baby is doing great! He was moving and breathing and is still head down.

So, with all that good news, it might actually be safe for me to travel to New Jersey right after Thanksgiving for my niece's bat mitzvah! We just have to make sure nothing significant happens in the next week.

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Chele said...

LOL! Glad they eventually figured out why you were there and you had a good check up. Enjoy your trip.