Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twoey's 20 week OB appointment and ultrasound

Yesterday was my 20 week OB appointment. Although they made us wait 1 1/2 hours to see the midwife, it was a rather uneventful appointment. We listened to (and recorded) Twoey's heartbeat (it was in the 160s).

No weight gain yet, and my belly was measuring right on target. Everything is looking good so far. I did have a discussion with this midwife about getting a prescription for Reglan if I have issues with my milk supply after Twoey is born, and she was quite willing to help me out. We were supposed to get a prescription for an AFP tests (checks my blood for a protein that is an indicator of spina bifida) and my first trimester bloodwork (long story, but I still haven't gotten that done). Because we were running so late, we grabbed our prescriptions and ran - only to find out that once AGAIN, the nurse forgot to give me the prescription for the AFP (it is actually supposed to be done between weeks 17 and 18, and no later than 20 weeks). I tried calling the office, but the nurse could not find the midwife's notation about the AFP and was unwilling to fax me the script before talking to her. I was told I needed to get the test done yesterday or not take it at all, but, of course, they did not fax me the prescription. Now it is officially too late for me to have that test done.

Today we had our ultrasound - the full anatomy scan. Twoey was EXTREMELY uncooperative (perhaps I should not have eaten that cookie for breakfast...), so unfortunately the pictures we did get were awful. She spent much of the time turning away from the ultrasound and it took the tech about 30 minutes to get all the pictures of her heart. The doctor had to come back for a second look to see her aorta. They checked her brain, her kidneys, her bladder, her stomach, her heart and all of her limbs. She IS still a girl, and everything looks perfect. She is 12 ounces and measuring at 20 weeks and 2 days. Her spine was perfect, too, and when we asked about the AFP, the maternal fetal medicine specialist felt that the results of the ultrasound were clear, and the only other thing the AFP could indicate is an issue with the placenta. He said that if the test came back elevated, the "prescription" for that would be monthly ultrasounds, which I am getting anyway. In other words, the doctor felt it was no big deal that we could not get the AFP done, so I feel relieved about that. They also measured Frank and Fiona, who seem to be holding steady at 4 and 3 cms, respectively.

Profile - tushy up in the air:

Hands over head:

Hands crossed over face:

Skeleton face:

Finally, they did measure my cervical length. It dropped to 3.5 cms, which is still considered "safe" at this point in the pregnancy, however, it is unusual to lose about 1 cm of cervical length over the course of a month at only 20 weeks. After I had my initial bout of early labor with Micah at 28 weeks, my cervix shrunk from 4.6 down to 3.8 cms at 28 weeks, and they were concerned then. I think the biggest worry at this point is that I'm losing the "cushion" - if I develop contractions again, my cervix is already shrinking and it may be harder to stave off labor and keep me pregnant. I have to go back in 2 weeks for a cervical length check. If it continues to shrink, we may have to get a bit more aggressive with either medications or bedrest. As long as my cervix stays above 2.6 for now, they will keep me up and moving around, so for right now, everything is okay.

And for good measure, here are some belly shots of me at 19 weeks:

Last night, Micah used a fork for the first time!! We were at my parents' house for another night of shiva, eating dinner. Micah was not particularly interested in the cheese or the bagels or the tuna fish, so I made him a veggie burger. He spotted my fork, and he made it quite clear he wanted it. I tried stabbing a piece of veggie burger with the fork and feeding it to him. He quickly stole the fork from me...and went about feeding himself with a fork! I was amazed that he could handle it so well - it never dawned on me to give it a try. He needed a bit of help getting the pieces onto the fork, but he ate the entire veggie burger that way. Once again, tonight at dinner, Micah wanted a fork. He ate two small turkey burgers with his fork - and this time, he was even able to stab the meat himself. Apparently, Micah loves to use a fork (something I find particularly humorous as his uncle STILL rarely uses a fork!

I am definitely due for a picture post - I have a ton of pictures and video of Micah to add to the blog - I'll definitely have to get to that this weekend while we are snowed in!


Sam and Kerry said...

Congratulations on a girl.

HopingforBaby05 said...

Awesome pictures!!! You have such a cute belly and Twoey is adorable!!!! Yay for a great u/s!!!

Kari said...

Love the belly pics! The u/s pics are cute too!

Shannon said...

I can't believe you are already half way there, geez time is flying! I want to get in touch with you soon to talk about tips on trying on my own to get prego.