Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thar she blows!

Micah has added a new trick to his repertoire this week! Naturally, there is a story that I must tell before I explain Micah's newest trick. We cook meals for Micah, and 2-3 times each day, we feed him something hot/warm. This morning I made french toast. I quickly whipped it up, flipped it onto a plate, slathered it with some yogurt and applesauce, and brought it over to the table where Micah was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to start shoving food in his mouth. If I was a more patient person, I would finish cooking the food and set it aside to cool for a bit before I covered it with yogurt and applesauce and tried to serve it to my son. Or, perhaps I should be better organized and start making breakfast 10-15 minutes earlier so that Micah is not jumping around and anxious for his food while it is piping hot.

Regardless, I sat down across from my son with the piping hot french toast, a knife and a fork. As is my habit, I sliced the first row of toast into a 1/4 - 1/2 inch strip and cut it into bite-sized pieces. I then picked up the first piece to test the temperature against my lip, and I quickly determined it was probably too warm for Micah (even if it won't burn him, Micah does not like his food too warm - he'll just spit it out if the temperature is off). So I started to blow a bit on the toast to cool it off. I tested it again and handed the french toast piece to Micah. He smiled, looked at me, carefully brought the piece of toast to his mouth....and started to blow on it!! He has been doing this at every meal lately (and with almost every bite of food). He likes to mimic mommy blowing on his food! I think he first did this a few days ago, and it just makes me laugh every single time. Of course, if it really was hot, he would burn himself since he usually grabs it with his hands and puts it straight to his lips and blows on the food while it touches his mouth. But, hey, he is learning, right?

Micah appears to have 6 teeth now - I believe he has now cut two more teeth on the top on either side of his front teeth. I think he may be getting ready to cut some additional teeth, but he really makes it impossible to check his gums too closely. If I try putting my finger in his mouth, he usually draws blood. I get the best look when I hang him upside down and he laughs, but there is only so long I can keep him upside down and laughing while I inspect!

Today and tomorrow are busy work days for me - I'm off to meetings downtown (I have a client in town) and again all day tomorrow. I wish it wasn't such a hassle to get to my meetings!

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