Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's 2009-2010

We had an amazing New Year's this year! First off, we actually got to go OUT. We were starting to feel a bit like losers...we didn't even get any invitations to cool parties (that we probably couldn't attend anyway since babysitters on New Year's Eve are no small feat). Luckily, a few days beforehand, we got a call from some other friends with kids, inviting us to hang out. We were thrilled! We headed over there around 6 pm, fed the kids dinner (and ate pizza) then just hung out and played with the kids. We intended to play with the Wii and maybe try some board games, but that never quite happened. Around 8:30, we tried to put Micah to sleep in a pack'n'play. Unfortunately, Micah had other plans, and all he wanted to do was come out and play. By 9, they were putting their kids down, but Micah's crying kept waking their kids and bringing their older son down to check on the baby. By 10:00, we gave up trying to put Micah to sleep, and tried to let him run off the remaining energy. By 11:00, we realized he was still going strong. We briefly debated getting in the car and driving home to put him to bed, but we decided that we might as well just let it be for one night.

We were watching Micah, watching tv, talking, and catching up, and it really was a nice evening. As we started to watch the New Year's festivities on tv, we could not believe Micah was going strong. The clock hit 11:53, I joked with DH that Micah would fall asleep just before the ball dropped.

Then...11:59 came. By 11:59:23...Micah passed out on the couch. Yep, that is right - he just crashed, right before the ball dropped! He was DEAD asleep. We were holding him in front of the tv, putting his jacket on, transferring him to the car - and he didn't make a sound. He was out cold the entire ride home and for the transfer to his bed, and he slept until 10:00 the next morning!

New Year's Day, we decided to take him up to visit my grandmother to celebrate her 97th birthday. We brought her a cake, and the two of them were able to spend some quality time together. She suffers from dementia, so I'm not exactly certain she knew who he was, but she seemed to think he was beautiful, and he made all of the residents smile. I just like knowing that my Grammy has had the opportunity to spend some time with him, and I'll forever be able to hold those memories.

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