Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Thing #3

Perhaps I should not have asked about Bad Thing #3...naturally, of course, I found my answer. I guess I should be feeling relieved - because in the scheme of things, Bad Thing #3 is fairly tame. I was in a car accident today on my way to visit my grandmother. Yes, that is right, a car accident! Some idiot plowed into the rear of my car while I was stopped at a red light. This guy was probably in his late 70s with a handicapped tag. He was driving a VERY expensive, shiny and new Mercedes Benz. He did not have his insurance card on him, and he seemed to be very amused by the situation. I think he was yapping on his phone and did not notice that there was a stopped vehicle in front of him. I was so angry at him - he made me late seeing my grandmother, he could have hurt someone, and he made me worry about Twoey's safety. I don't see anything amusing in that situation!

A police officer made it to the scene - and I think she should have given him a ticket for failing to produce his car insurance (and frankly, for rear ending me, too). I'm actually perhaps more irked about that than anything else. There was very little damage done to our vehicle, and I do not think this guy will learn anything about how dangerous his behavior was. I wish he had gotten a ticket or something else that would serve as a "ding" for his insurance.

I know - focus on the fact that I'm safe, Twoey seems to be fine, and there was very little damage done to the vehicle. I'm a little sore, and unfortunately cannot stop worrying. I called the OB office, and they said I should not come in unless there is visible bruising. I can do that, right? I'll be running upstairs to drink some orange juice and see if I can feel this little baby kicking around in there. that I've discovered Bad Thing #3, can I get back to the good things again? I miss focusing on all the good right now. Is it wrong to feel guilty for enjoying the good things when there is so much bad happening all around? Thanks for bearing with me...I will try to make my next post a happy one.


Mandy said...

Oh wow! Please don't ever utter the words "what next?" again!

I am so sorry, especially about your grandmother. I hope you get the situation with the insurance settled quickly.

I can't imagine that stress you must be under right now.

Hoping you've got good news coming your way :)

Prather Family said...

That guy sounds like a total jerk. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I'm glad the accident wasn't too terrible. Rest up and focus on the good things.