Monday, May 10, 2010

On my own....

Today began 48 hours of me "on my own" as a single parent. DH is at a conference in Philly. I think this may only be the second or third time he has gone out of town since Micah was born - he has definitely done more stints as a "single parent" than I have (although I've had him more days on my own than he has). I think I'm just a *little* nervous being 34 weeks pregnant and on my own.

I really shouldn't complain. DH was here this morning when we woke up. I took care of Micah and got him ready for daycare while DH packed and got ready. He was able to drop Micah off at daycare on his way out. Today was actually quite easy - I just had 3 work meetings and an OB appointment, so I did not have to worry about Micah during the day.

Luckily, my Dad was available this evening, and he came to join me around 5:30 today. He kept me company while I went to pick Micah up. I had a horrible experience at pickup today, though. I did not recognize the woman in the room watching the kids when I arrived. I saw another father there I recognized, and I said hi to him (and his son). Micah saw me and came running over and said "hi" and called me Mommy. While I was gathering Micah's stuff together, the woman asked me if I was Micah's GRANDMOTHER. Hello - I'm clearly in my 30s, I do not have a single grey hair on my head, and I'm obviously pregnant. GRANDMOTHER? That is what you thought to ask me? I can understand that she did not recognize me, and if she had asked who I was to verify that I was authorized to pick Micah up (or even if she checked my ID), I would have been fine with that. If she had asked if I was a family member, I would have been fine with that. But GRANDMOTHER? SERIOUSLY? How obnoxious is that!! My pregnancy hormones kicked into full gear, and that woman was really lucky I didn't knock her into tomorrow. I complained about her in the front office on the way out, too. But GRANDMOTHER? Come on!!

After my rude encounter, we were able to have Micah walk to the car holding our hands. He carried Micah for a bit (I'm finding it harder to carry him these days), and helped me keep Micah occupied at home while I cooked him dinner and put away his laundry. Actually, my Dad brought Micah a brand new Elmo DVD - the two of them went downstairs and watched it together. I have to say, I'm not sure which one of them was more enthralled. Perhaps my father - Micah actually got up to play with other toys a few times, and when dinner was ready, it was my Dad who whined about needing a few more minutes to watch the end of the video. They were cute together sitting on the couch and watching the DVD - Micah sucked his thumb most of the time, but he did get up and dance a few times.

Micah ate a pretty good dinner - he had a few pieces of chicken, some rice, sweet potatoes and strawberries. He usually doesn't like to eat chicken, so I was surprised. My Dad was a huge help wrangling Micah for his bath (WOW was he dirty today!!). I did the bathing, but my Dad lifted him out of the tub and kept him occupied while I lotioned him up, dressed him in pajamas and combed his hair. Of course, Micah had to take his turn to comb my hair (and my father's, too). Once we finished bath time, Micah gave his Grampy a hug and a kiss and said night-night and goodbye, and Grampy left us for the evening. Many thanks to Grampy for helping out! It made my night much easier. I finished up our nighttime routine and put Micah to bed. Luckily, he was nice and tired and drifted easily off to sleep.

I had my 34 week OB appointment today. Twoey's heartrate was nice and steady, and all is well. I told the midwife that I've been feeling a lot of pressure and heaviness, and she suggested I increase my dosage of the anti-contraction medication. Great - that makes me restless. Other than that, nothing new to report! I can't believe I am already 34 weeks pregnant and that we'll be meeting Twoey in just a few short weeks. I have so much to do to get ready!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day - I have Micah at home and no classes or activities planned. I need to think of something for us to do, or Micah will go crazy! I may take him for story time at the mall, and there is an indoor train there, too. We may also go pick up my mom and take her to lunch. I have a feeling I will need a little relief by the end of the day...I get exhausted chasing after Micah and I am extra-exhausted because of the pregnancy. Perhaps I'll see if my Dad wants to stop by for an hour or so in the afternoon, or if I need my mom to come by for an hour or so around dinner time to give me a break.

I have some cleaning up to do (cleaning lady will be here in the morning), and I'd like to try and get to bed relatively early (although I still need to take the dog out sometime between 2 and 3 or she'll wake me up at 4 am, so perhaps I'll just take a nap, walk the dog, and then go to bed). Wish me an easy day tomorrow!

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Chele said...

I still can't get over someone thinking that you are a grandmother! I would have held her down for you while you beat some sense and manners into her.

LOL! at Dad being enthralled with Elmo. Sorry, but Elmo's voice grates on my last nerve. Elmo is to Micah as Barney was to my two boys.

Those last few weeks are hard when you are carrying twoey and have a toddler. Derek walked at 8 months so he was very mobile at 14.5 months when Jake was born and those last few weeks were exhausting. I can't wait to meet Twoey and find out her name!