Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting nervous

I seem to be a delinquent blogger these days. I'm definitely getting nervous about reaching the end of my pregnancy. I'm about to hit 34 weeks, and I already am feeling a ton of pressure and contractions. I probably have about 2-4 weeks left of this pregnancy, and we do not have a name for this baby. I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet! I finally pulled out the pee pad for the bed in case my water breaks in the bed again.

I'm feeling a bit bigger this pregnancy than I did with Micah, and definitely getting physically uncomfortable. My body hurts and I am having a hard time getting comfortable these days. I am loving how much Twoey has been moving around, though! I think it is interesting...I can already tell my two babies have different personalities. Micah was quite active all the time - he never stopped kicking, punching and bouncing. My belly would dance all over the place, and he loved to cause trouble whenever they put the monitor or the doppler on my belly -he'd go right over and start kicking and punching it! Twoey is also active...but in a more mellow way. She flips and rolls and occasionally kicks and punches, but she is much more likely to be stretching, or kicking one or two times in a row and sitting quietly for a bit. I think she is going to be more reserved than Micah. She does have that touch of cute-but-evil running through her - she finds a spot (like my rib) and she'll poke it repeatedly. I almost imagine her with an impish grin as she pokes it over and over again while I'm thinking "don't do that." Micah STILL likes to do that now.

I'm getting excited to meet Twoey. I wonder what she will look like, and I wonder if she'll be born bald or with a full head of hair like Micah. I kind of hope she has a full head of hair like Micah - we could immediately put adorable little bows in her hair! I wish we could figure out the name situation, but we are really struggling. We have a list of names...but we just haven't found "THE" name yet.

On the Micah front - he is just being so cute most of the time. His Daddy took him to a free music performance on Tuesday morning at one of the local restaurants. He has been busy in daycare and he has such a great sense of humor. On Thursday, we went to meet his Grammy and Grampy for a nice lunch, and Micah got to walk and hold their hands for the first time! They also played the "one-two-three swing!" game with him while they walked, and he laughed and laughed. He is definitely starting to talk more and more. Tonight, we were outside playing on his slide/basketball hoop toy that his Grammy and Grampy gave him for his first birthday, and he said basketball! (Okay, it sounded more like bah-ball, but he was definitely saying it). He kept shooting his baskets then stopping to clap for himself every time he made a basket.

But perhaps the BEST part of my week happened tonight. I got my first first Mother's Day gift FROM Micah, MADE by Micah! I was all teary and happy - it was such a wonderful thing. They had him make it at daycare, and wrapped it up and sent it home.

.As you can see, they framed a picture that Micah painted, and they included a picture of Micah making the painting! It is currently sitting on the fireplace mantle, and I'm loving it.

For good measure, here is some video of Micah we've taken over the past two weeks. We finally have a new Flip video camera (we had given our old one to our niece for her trip abroad back in January, and it took us until now to replace it)!

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Prather Family said...

What an amazing Mother's Day gift. I can't wait for all the homemade stuff once my girls are old enough. The videos are precious, I love the one where Micah is wearing dh's bike helmet. Super cute. And of course you area delinquent blogger, you are so busy on the boards responding to everyone and responding to all of our blogs, it is no wonder you have little time. I hope things continue to go well with the rest of the pregnancy and you get to meet your little girl soon.