Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Saw Micah Kissing....

Sometimes, there are moments that I could just scoop Micah up into my arms and squeeze him tightly and kiss him forever because I cannot get over how adorable he is - the simplest things just make my heart swell. I just want to take those moments and bask in them forever, but it seems they have a way of passing in a heartbeat. We had one of those moments last night.

I was sitting on the couch with DH and Micah was busy playing. I got up to walk into the kitchen to grab something to eat, and all of the sudden, I heard this noise. It kind of sounded like kissing, but I thought it could have been sucking, too. I walked back to the living room, peeked around the corner, and there was Micah, his hands firmly grasping his Elmo doll and holding it nose-to-nose in front of his face, kissing Elmo squarely on his mouth. I just about died - it has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I asked Micah if he was giving Elmo kisses, and he smiled at me before he resumed kissing and hugging Elmo. Micah spent the better part of the next 20 minutes kissing Elmo. It's official...Micah is in love with Elmo, and I can't say I heard Elmo complaining.

In other news, Micah is 15 months old today!! I can't imagine where the time has gone. Micah is running now, not just walking. He climbs into everything (and is especially fond of standing in tupperware containers). I wish I could grab a picture of that, but he just doesn't sit still long enough. He loves to play his kazoo, and he now has 6 teeth all broken through (and it looks like another 2-4 on the way). He recently discovered his long eyelashes - sometimes he just sits there and yanks on them. It makes me laugh - I can't imagine that it doesn't drive him nuts.

Micah has been getting picky about eating the last week or so - I'm not sure if it is a phase or because of the teething. Some days, we can barely get him to eat anything at all, and other days he'll eat a ton of food. We've also noticed that he is refusing to eat several "reliable" favorites - like bananas. He will still eat the freeze dried bananas, so it may just be a texture/teething thing. He still loves oranges, peaches, apple sauce, strawberries and grapes. We have been working on expanding Micah's food horizons - he now eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cream cheese and jelly, and cream cheese and olives. We've been trying to give him more lunch meats/deli slices, and he seems to love fish sticks. I have not been experimenting as much as I planned with chicken (he is kind of hit or miss about eating that). We did try giving him sweet and sour meatballs, and he seemed to like it, but he has been a little less willing to eat melted cheese sandwiches and pizza this week, but cheese sticks are at the top of the list. He also loves crackers - Wheat Thins, Cheez-Its, graham crackers, etc. We still haven't tried the mashed potato croquettes or risotto cakes, but we have the ingredients ready to go.

Micah is just over 20 lbs now (still a tiny little thing) but I think he is quite tall (considering his weight) - perhaps 33 inches or more! We have our 15 month checkup on Tuesday, so I'll have the official stats then. I think he will get his MMR vaccine at this visit, and perhaps chicken pox as well (we did not give him the chicken pox vaccine last time). I have read in some places that the chicken pox vaccine is not safe to give to anyone in a household with a pregnant woman - I need to verify that before we make our decision, but if it is safe for me, we will likely give him that vaccine as well. My little guy is still only in the 12 month (or 6-12 month) size. We have several outfits in the 6-9 month size I have not completely pulled from his closet, but those are definitely starting to get a little short in the sleeves. There are a few things he can "get away" with wearing in the 12-18 month (or 18 month) size, but they are still pretty big on him. I have purchased him all 12-18 month (or 18 month) sized clothing for the summer - I think that should be the right size.

As for talking - Micah has a number of words, and he is beginning to mimic us more often now. He regularly says hi, bye, mama, dada (or dad), nuh-nuh (for the dog), night night, ball and bubble. He signs more, all done and milk, and he will say (on occasion) Elmo, Big Bird, bang, uh oh, and a few other words. He seems to understand a lot of language - he'll bring me things when I say "bring that to mommy," and he will go pick up certain toys that I mention by name. He is starting to know his body parts, but he does not always respond (sometimes he prefers to smile at me with an expression that says "Mommy, you need to learn that I do not perform on command." He knows to clap and to wave in response to those words, and he likes to play the "belly drum." He does know where his head and nose are, and I think he understands the word hand, too. He is so curious about everything - he inspects and investigates everything, and he is always trying to climb onto or into anything he can.

So, in honor of Micah's 15 months, here are some pictures:

Playing the Kazoo and clapping:

Stealing Daddy's tie...

Fun with tupperware:

And some video for good measure:


mrsmegalina said...

WHAT A SWEET BOY!!!!:) and i know what you mean about the moments passing so quickly and u want to bask in them forever...its amazing. i love the elmo kisses how cute:) he will be good with the ladies:)!! (tapshoe, meaghan)

Donna and Thorne said...

He's just to adorable Tess!

Shannon said...

Tess, in regards to him wanting to eat, not wanting to eat- Cameron still does that to this day! Sometimes he acts as though he is a bottomless pit and nothing I feed him is enough- other days he doesn't even want to finish his favorite foods. I hope thats not the case for cutie Micah and he gets his eating patterns back to normal soon!

We have been debating the chicken pox shot as well, in fact I better make sure I go to the appt where that is offered because if not I could definitely see Kyle refusing it. I'm for it, he is totally against.

He is just too precious, I'm sure Elmo feels like quite the lucky toy getting all of those kisses:)