Monday, August 30, 2010

Emotionally spent...

Once again, I'm lucky to be able to share that today was another good day for my mom. Her eye is looking much better and she was alert and talking all day today. Dr. "Suave" is working to move her to a regular room for rehab and hopefully to start her radiation. They took her off her insulin drip today, inserted a PIC line and removed her central line all in anticipation of that move. Physical therapy and occupational therapy stopped by today to work with her, and they even had her standing up today! She will begin with a daily PT and OT schedule from here on out. All we need is for her sugars to stabilize and they should be transferring her!

We also had a few visitors today - my Dad's cousin and my mom's friends. We spent the day rotating in and out of her room, and everyone took a shift watching Maya for us. DH and I had to leave around 4:00 today to get home to relieve our babysitter/nanny at 5:00. Today was our nanny's first day (she has previously babysat for us, so Micah already knew her well), and she certainly experienced a bit of trial by fire. She arrived at 9:00 and we were in the midst of our evaluation for Maya (the good news is she qualified for services!). We immediately put her to work feeding Micah and dressing him, then sent them out the door in Micah's stroller to "do something." While they were out, we left for the hospital, and she had to figure out how to find everything in the house and manage Micah for the day. Luckily, she was wonderful...and she even emptied our dishwasher as an added bonus. I hope she can handle all this chaos, because we really need her right now.

I am doing my best to balance all of this new optimism with reality. Dr. "Suave" still feels this tumor is extremely aggressive and they are working so hard to get her into rehab at the hospital and start the radiation as quickly as is feasible because of that.

That is it for today...relatively short and sweet. I'm a bit emotionally spent...I'm going to try and turn off my mind and "veg out" while I catch up on the DVR.


Circus Princess said...

I hope you were able to get some well needed rest. Hugs!

Prather Family said...

Yay for another great day. That is awesome that you have such a good nanny so you can focus on time with your mom. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...


I'm so so sad to hear (over on SK) that your mom has become ill. I will certainly be praying for healing for her and strength for you all. Many hugs, my friend.